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March 26, 2013
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Being a Christian doesn't make life any easier; It just makes Life more Meaningful. Sometime only experience will tell you what i am trying to illustrate through this Typo Design.
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First of all, I'm not really into religion myself, but I'm surprised at all the unrequited hatred that this artwork is receiving. I mean, there are many intelligent, respectful atheists in the comment section saying things like, "I don't personally believe this, but it is very well done and I have no right to judge." And then there are others saying things like, "omg u belive in GOD u fckin idiot dont u kno ummm HES NOT REAL lol omg."

The trolls, you must not listen to them. They are the scum of the internet and their opinions mean nothing. All they know how to do is hate. Do your best to ignore them.

But anyway, on to the critique. This artwork is very visually appealing, first of all. While lens flare and profound typography are quite pervasive throughout websites like DeviantArt, this image takes it to the next level and has its own distinct flavor. Many people who attempt typography are just banging rocks together, but you clearly know what you're doing. Personally, I'm a fan of the fact that the border is partially transparent. It adds a layer of stylistics. But I just really like vector images for some reason, so I guess I'm biased.

As for the message, I find it succinct and well-put. If you have truly found meaning in the arms of your God, then congratulations, because having a purposeful life is more than I can say for most, myself included. Keep it up. Many have interpreted this message as a sign of bigotry, saying Christianity is the ONLY thing that can add meaning to a life, but I don't see that written anywhere on this poster. (And here's where I'd put a smiley face if I was into that sort of thing.)

Overall, a well-designed piece of art. I don't hate you because of your religion, and anyone who does is not worth your time. Thank you.
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This is the first critique I've ever did, but for some reason I felt it was worth doing.
Impact. You made one. Definitely. It might not have been the impact you were looking for (or maybe it was?) either way everyone's riled up because in one sentence you questioned the meaning of other's lives. good work lol. you only got 2 for originality because well everyone does these kind of pieces. Aside from the Lens flare effect it is visually pleasing even if the context is not so pleasing to everyone. Possibly different wording. simply the addition of the word "My" to it would create a more positive impact. People feel threatened when something like this basically labels them as inferior (even if it was not intended to do so). It would be like if I were to post "Being a Pagan doesn't make life any easier; it just makes life more meaningful." Christians left and right would be on the deviation screaming how I'm wrong and I'm going to hell because I'm a devil worshiper., but If I related it directly my life personally and no one else's then no one feels threatened and everyone can ignore it more easily if it doesn't apply to them.

Hope I worded this right. ^_^ have a blessed day and happy Oestra!
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
5 out of 5 deviants thought this was fair.

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I'm an atheist, and my life has plenty of meaning to it.
I enjoy reading the comments, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Personally the reason I will not take up Christianity because I refuse to be scared into submission; its either kiss up to God's ass or burn in Hell, which is far from the fatherly love God is portrayed to give. It's a fear tactic used by the Roman's all those years ago to control the masses; don't get me wrong, I don't doubt that Jesus existed, he was a simple carpenter man who saw his people struck down by cruelty and so he gave them 'hope' by renaming it 'God' (basically he was kind of a vigilante). Granted Christianity has been greatly exaggerated over the years and under went its own 'evolution', developing into an arrogant, close minded group of short tempered manipulative bible humpers.

I was raised Agnostic so that I'd respect all Religions and be weary as what is out there, being an Atheist was an easy choice; I believe in Evolution strongly, how can the big bang be taken less seriously than a floating man who made the world in 7 days? Yes, everyone should treat each other with respect and the way they want to be treated, I don't rape, steal, murder; I am tolerant and respectful and my world keeps revolving. (But you can't look my in the eye and tell me that all these good Christians now and in the past wouldn't readily slaughter others due to their beliefs, which I'm sure is far from what Jesus wanted)

I think humans are shallow, egotistical creatures that need to know that they are revolved around something bigger since our society has flushed out our natural instincts to survive and so now we are just sitting here with way to much time of our hands.
LizzyWolfFire6 Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Amen to that! XD
GodGivesStrength7 Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
True. When you want a closer relationship with God, you have to be humbled and go through trials and long suffering. It's tough, but it's worth it. :)
illyriablue24 Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is nice! I haven't read any of the other comments because I'm sure there's all sorts of flaming, lol. But anyway, this is a nice piece I saw in someone's favs; very thoughtful and visually pleasing. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!
MantaTheMisukitty Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, yes. People want some meaning in their life. Christ is quite popular and seems safe and loving, so many people turn to him...
SafariCroquette May 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wow debates galore. They're all pointless if you as me. From what I'm seeing here, the artist is just saying how he feels about his beliefs and how much it means to him. If being a Christian is meaningful then that's him. If you're not a Christian but you have meaningful life that's cool too. As long as a Christian or person of another standing is happy at the end of the day then it's all good. No need to be touchy about it.

Have a blessed and great evening. :)
:iconpetrino: as a non christian is meaningless? fuck you.
That's true!
Often we have a wrong understanding about being a christian but you got the point
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